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Tree of Hope

Personal collection; artist unknown.

Personal collection; artist unknown.

From tiny seeds
mighty trees
will eventually grow.
This is the nature of hope.
It is the proof of love,
and a source of strength.
This is the right sign,
pointing in the right direction,
for the right path to follow.
The right way
in safely and security
trustingly to travel
it will confidently show.
Seeds will sprout.
They will take root,
solidly anchored in the ground,
where all necessary nutrients
are readily found.
They will prosper, persevere, and grow,
sustained by hope and faith,
even when tested
by vicious storms,
by torrential floods,
by enduring droughts,
and the tempestuous temper of time
they will endure and survive.
They will stand tall
as a signs and symbols
of earthly existence and life.
Though tiny at the outset,
and with the uncertainty of fate,
mighty trees will produce
more seeds,
to become a pictures
of majesty and might.
To follow this path,
all you need to do,
is to live your life patiently,
honestly, nobly, justly,
decently, respectfully, humanely,
fairly, and humbly,
doing all things,
which need to be done,
both honorably and right!

Gerhard A. Fürst

Harper’s Magazine, May 1988, artist unknown

Harper’s Magazine, May 1988, artist unknown

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  1. Am.Selli
    April 15, 2017 um 2:39 pm

    Herz-Danke !
    Der Neu-Hoffnungs-Baum-Wach-Werde-Traum ist/wird wieder WAHRHEIT !
    Wunder-Lebens-Voll !

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