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Ah, yes… history,

may it rest in pieces…
battered, broken, smashed, and shredded,
due to the total inconvenience of truth,
applying the tactics of
distortion, distraction, destruction
exaggeration, exacerbation, evisceration,
denial, denunciation,
and deliberate exclusion,
what we have long feared and dreaded.
We’re being fed the fattening fodder for fools
of faux “facts” en masse
by Trump and his truth-smashers,
trashers and tramplers,
the “alternative facts” providers,
the selective lunacy samplers,
alleging that “things” had happened…
when in actual fact
and very obviously provable truth
they had not.
Lies uncovered, liars unmasked.
Truth denouncers and denyers
in blatant bigotry and brutal belligerence,
with all their daily doses of mocking,
menacing mania and madness,
in the mud and muck of wickedness
have wantonly wallowed, and
callously, but contentedly basked.
They condemn and denounce whoever,
whenever and wherever
really and rightfully probing,
prying, and truth-searching, truth-seeking,
really legitimately inquisitive
questions have asked.
Gerhard A. Fürst

See also:
Trump’s War on the Truth Tellers
Robert, as posted today on Bill Moyers & Company

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  1. Michael
    März 15, 2017 um 8:09 pm

    Liest sich wahnsinnig frustiert und verbittert. 😦

  2. März 18, 2017 um 10:15 pm

    An Michael:
    Lebe mal hierzulande und erlebe diesen Mist… diesen grassen Graus… tagein, tagaus… Was gibt es denn hier worueber man nicht sehr berechtigt „frustriert und verbittert“ sein kann… 😦

  3. Michael
    März 19, 2017 um 6:35 pm

    Wo wohnst du denn?

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