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This is our Terrestrial House and Home

Here is where we live, where we exist,
where we can thrive and freely roam.

It is for us to behold its beauty,
its greatness, its varied vastness,
its incredible splendor in total awe.
It is for us to treasure, to value,
its myriad vistas, and its splendid sites,
seas, lakes, rivers, and lands,
towering mountains and endless plains
in profound gratitude to enjoy.
Let us not be thoughtless, careless,
ungrateful and wasteful!
It is the source of all life and living!
Let us not be merely takers,
but providers and willingly giving!
Let us not allow the grabby, the greedy, the uncaring
the means of madness to use and abuse,
to devastate, to pollute, to destroy!
It is up to us to take responsible action!
The planet is in need of our protection!
This precious marble is not private property,
and it is not a toy!

Gerhard A. Fürst

Illustrations from Internet Sources

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