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Poem of Welcome for Liars, Louts, Lunatics and Libertines in “the muddled mind“ of Mad Moron Miller

Poem of Welcome
Liars, Louts, Lunatics and Libertines
in “the muddled mind“ of
Mad Moron Miller

Oh, yea!
Gimme your rich, fat-ass schmucks,
accustomed to living life
in golden towers of limitless luxury,
your crooked, corrupt, lunacy loving thugs…
Gimme all those who are totally without need,
opportunists, exploiters, degraders
known narcissists , who no advise will heed,
egomaniacs with big bundles of cash
willing to help muddles masses here
to control, to subdue, to trample on,
to bully belligerently, to insult, to belittle, to berate,
to harass, hatefully to harangue, to hassle, to hustle,
to batter, beat, and bash…
helping us also to keep out all impoverished,
enslaved and downtrodden riff-raff…
We do not want more idealists,
more freedom-loving movers, shakers, and doers,
more wide-eyed dreamers….
We need more members of the monetary mafia,
manipulating skimmers, scammers, and schemers…
Gimme all the greedy, grabby, crappy,
cheerful brown-nosers and joyful ass-kissers…
They will find a welcoming, open & readily revolving door…

Then let the word got forth and of such
like-minded crackpots to send even more…

They will immediately be hired …
They will be well-rewarded and admired …
They will not be deported, depleted, duped, dumped, or fired…
They will find fiendish and fanatical friends here…
They will be given preference
for the best, the tastiest, the juiciest steaks
in the most luxurious and choicest
of T-controlled places…
We need more unquestioning,
leeringly luring, nonsense-enduring loyalists
who wantonly and willingly will fit
into the pattern and practice of unbridled, unprincipled,
loudly-lambasting, right-wing-nut extremist lunacy.
So, come one, come all…
(with clever, convenient, foreign collusion and connection,
sordidly secretive, concealed from detection)
you slick, slimy, sleazy and slutty,
you vulgar, you voluptuously smug,
you nihilists, you narcissists, and smutty
you wicked wackos and totally nutty,
you arrogant, ignorant, and overbearing…
you groping, gripping, and p-grabbing kind…
you utterly uncaring…
you deliberately devious deed doers
and opportunistically daring…
to help keep the little folks locally in line,
no matter how loudly the liberals,
those loftily liberty-loving softies,
will howl, holler, protest, whimper, and whine…
Help keep us defend and protect
what we callous, coolly, coldheartedly calculating
CON-cocting, CON-ning, CON-servatives
want no-one the actual details
ever to discover, to find out…
to look into…and to inspect…
A lit lamp and an open door
you will always find…

Gerhard A. Fürst

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