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Is the Old now the New?

Anticipation, Uncertainty, Insecurity.
We’re once again full of hope.
Another New Year has just begun.
Already all sort of yarn for tall tales
of bigger, better, yet uncertain,
unpredictable times ahead
is already being spun,
and woven into a frail & fragile fabric
of insecurity.
The New Year’s arrival,
at midnight…

bidding farewell to the old…
exactly on time…
in well proven tradition,
both splendid and right.
It was welcomed with happy dancing,
with lively music, with joyful singing,
with happy laughter and hopeful speculation,
with flaring, brilliantly sparkling,
crackling, booming, bursting, banging,
widely echoing and clanging,
loud cheers and toasts,
thundering fireworks,
illuminating the night sky,
and with longingly inviting church bell ringing.
Let us hope that in the days to come
it will not merely be bringing
more of the same misery,
mania, mucking, and madness
of which we just had our sickeningly felonious fill
in the finally departed year
of the immediate past
which we had to survive, endure, tolerate,
deviously plotted, planned, imposed, enforced,
all caused and callously concocted
by powerful and evil-minded,
schemers, scammers and skimmers,
extreme right-wing-nut politicians,
via devious means, in divisive demeanor,
and in petty partisanship,
catering only to pilfering, plundering plutocrats,
who care only about personal profiteering,
based on graft, groping greed,
smashing and grabbing,
instead of solving pressing social problems,
instead of securing global peace,
instead of attending to people
who are destitute and in desperate need.
Will the “New”
be no more than the wickedly weary
and worn-out Old?
Will people looking for warmth
continue to suffer,
being burdened, bullied, beaten and battered,
first lured, duped, misled,
then betrayed, dumped, ignored,
and once again very deliberately
being left out in the cold?

Is the devious, debilitating, decadent, divisive,
the totally discredited old
now deceptively and fraudulently
being presented as the alleged “new,”
merely redone, repackaged,
cleverly concealed and redressed,
and really honest, well-meaning, well-intentioned,
good thinking persons
will continue to be frustrated,
flustered and infuriated,
unable to resolve what separates,
disgraces and desecrates,
unable to unite what divides,
unable to heal and make whole
a nation malignantly and mortally ill,
all caused by a monetary mafia
of wantonly wicked will.
Where can we go from here?
Are we totally out of luck?
Will lunacy continue to reign and rule?
Will we continue being commanded and controlled
by the corrupt, the crooked and cruel?

What must we do to extricate ourselves
from this perverse, punitive, poisonous muck?
Are we to anticipate living lives
of mere marginal quality,
barely to be survived and endured
with nothing but perpetual pain?
Is every honest effort to the contrary,
to restore and revive
what is valuable and good,
from now on in vain?
Can we proceed, can we progress,
or are we marooned, immobile,
irretrievably, inextricably stuck?
We are not lemmings
to be driven over the edge into devastation.
or to be leaping into the deadly abyss!
is the alleged “new” nothing more than
the sordidly sinister and senile,
repackaged old?
Are we being misled by
fierce fanatics and fiendish fools?
Is this the ultimate, devastating end,
as biblically foretold?

Gerhard A. Fürst

  1. Gerd Zimmermann
    Januar 13, 2018 um 9:58 am


    „Wenn du dir Bewusstsein vorstellst, weißt du nicht das Bewusssein.
    Weil du ein “ DU“ bleibst.“

    Ich weiss es nicht.

    Ich bin, war und werde sein.

    Nur weiss ich um Bewusstsein

  2. Gerd Zimmermann
    Januar 13, 2018 um 4:06 pm


    „Dies ist das Bewusstsein, das in sich ewig ruht und strahlt.“

    Du weisst darum.
    Bewusstsein bewegt sich nicht und ist absolute Stille.

    Raum, Zeit und Bewegung existieren einzig in der absoluten
    Bewegungslosigkeit und Ruhe.

    Die Illusion von physikalischer Bewegung scheint unerklärbar.
    Zumindest für alle Wissenschaft.

    Sie messen empierisch und glauben sie haben Stein der Weisen

    Nichts haben sie gefunden und verstanden schon gar NICHTS

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