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Creeps, craps, and crooks,

are all noted for their particularly
crooked, crappy, creepy, greedily grinning,
vile, evil, vindictive, venomous, vengeful
and dastardly dishonest looks.
They are all fiercely fanatical,
selectively sanctimonious fundamentalist
fudgers, fabricators, and totally faux…
as proven over and over again
by their daily devious deeds,
as we all have discovered and now know.
Alas, they „think“ we’re nothing
but sheep, fools, and schnooks,
who will fall for all their felonious,
foul-smelling foolishness,
their nihilistic, narcissistic notoriety,
their totalitarian gamesmanship,
their callous gimmicks of grabbing greed,
their infinite variety of dirty tricks,
their despicable gobbledygook.
From daily tactics of …use and abuse…
deliberately to distort, to distract,
to CONfound and CONfuse,
they get their daily highs
and CONservative kicks.
They are not really conserving…
what is valuable, well-meaning, and deserving…
They are merely manipulating,
wickedly wheeling and deviously self-dealing…
in order to extract personal profits
at the total expense of all others.
They’re all compulsively pathological liars…
who someday will roast
in the hottest fires of hell.
Satan will get them all,
one by one, and in droves,
in big bad bulging bunches…
these malignantly malevolent members
of the monetary mafia…
and hordes of plutocratic banker bandits…
and all their hired hell hounds
in the hellish halls
of the greedily blood-sucking poly-TICKS…
all these sordidly lying lunatics…
and Satan will deep-fry, bake, cook,
and boil them well…
They’ll all suffer the same fate
which they very wickedly
caused others to suffer…
many of whom did not long survive,
merely languishing and lingering,
not really lasting long enough
in order the totality of
their tragic and traumatic
tales to tell…

Gerhard. A. Fürst

Gerhard A Fürst

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  1. August 10, 2018 um 7:13 pm

    Hat dies auf haluise rebloggt.

  2. August 11, 2018 um 8:00 am

    who somday will roast

    in the hottest fires of hell.

    take the way out
    there is a Wonderful world
    createt from yourself

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