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Stillness Within

Stillness is not silence.
Stillness is a time of healing.
Stillness is profound activity
in the innermost depth within
of seeking and searching,
of finding and confirming,
of gaining and retaining,
of discovering, deciding,
of emoting and feeling,
of doing and dealing.

Stillness is a time of revealing
what is contained within,
what has not yet been uncovered,
what to date had remained hidden,
what will help you be healed,
to be completed,
and to be made whole.
Therefore, stillness is indeed
a need to reflect and to detect.
Stillness is good
to discern and decipher
the wonder of wellness
for mind, body, and soul!

Stillness Without

Stillness is not silence.
It is not what this is all about!
Stillness does not imply consent.
Stillness does not suggest agreement
with what you fundamentally disdain,
actions from which you principally
purposefully and passionately refrain,
deeds done you totally reject
and absolutely resent…
especially those done by the devious,
by the deliberately despicable,
by the divisive,
by bullying, belligerent bigots,
by rampant, ravaging racists,
by the unjust and inhumane,
by the morally malignant,
by the treacherous and treasonous,
by the malevolent, manipulative, and militant,
by the totally unprincipled,
by the arrogant and ignorant,
by the insolent and indifferent
whose plots, ploys and plans
are callous, calculated,
clearly visible, horrifyingly audible,
persistently provocative,
simplistic, and plain.

Seek in stillness
what we all need,
as we all should.
the miracle and magic
of the wondrous good!

Gerhard A. Fürst

Foto: Martin Bartonitz 2019
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