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Still Searching for Happiness?

Februar 21, 2013 3 Kommentare

Still Searching for Happiness?

You find it right within yourself.
You are the center and the source.
It’s in your heart and soul.
It’s always been with you.
It was never lost.
It’s not the result
of gambling games to be played.
It’s not made up of winnings
from lottery tickets bought.
This is a fact, of course.
It’s right there…within your thoughts.
It’s made manifest
by good deeds done.
It’s the joy of victory
over life’s hard battles won!
It’s on your mind.
It’s your strength of character
to be peaceful, gentle, charitable,
gregarious, generous,
cheerful, joyful, and kind!
Thus, happiness has always been
right within your reach.
No need to be mystified
No need to wonder.
Just look within.
You and the happiness you seek,
have always been kin!

Gerhard A. Fürst

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