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Hope, Help, and Healing

Mai 15, 2020 3 Kommentare

I hope we will all
make the right choices
for our individual, collective,
cultural and communal
survival and salvation.
Follow the path
to rescue and recovery
to healing and wholesomeness,
both physical and spiritual,
not the way to degradation,
doom, devastation, and self-destruction.
Do not follow the dictates,
the devious demands of deviants,
the criminally colluding,
the ways of the wicked,
designed to be beneficial
only to egotists, egomaniacs,
the evil-minded, who are
purposefully plotting and planning
by totalitarian tactics
to profit personally
at your total cost and expense!
So, let us only be led
by a shared desire
to survive and to live,
not by devious, self-destructive daring.
Let us be both human and humane,
to be kind and considerate,
to be provably, positively, purposefully
and passionately caring!
Only deeds done well
the actual content
of our true character in due course
will fully reveal,
the real truth, and
the total tale, rightfully told,
will tell!

Gerhard A. Fürst

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